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    Does anyone know how to tell what kind of connection you have, I mean is there any way to tell if you are connected to a evdo rev a or rev 0 antena?
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    if you type ##evdo# that may tell you what you want to know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by max.swell View Post
    if you type ##evdo# that may tell you what you want to know.
    I'd like to know as well - where do you type that to find out?
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    Type it into your phone application (just like you're dialing a number to call somebody).

    What you are typing in is referred to as a hash code. To learn more, check out the webOS internals wiki:

    WebOS Specific Hash Codes - WebOS Internals
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    Thanks tjmarkham3, but that doesn't tell you which one you are connected to at the moment.
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    Works for me.
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    Try typing:
    ##DEBUG# (33284)

    If I remember correctly, there is a section called "Data State" if you scroll down far enough. Maybe that is what you are looking for. If not check the other headings in the DEBUG menu, there are several related to data connection.
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