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    I have 1.3.5 and patches installed. Things were working fine. Yesterday I noticed my battery draining QUICKLY. I ran Emergency Patch Recovery. When I turn WiFi off I get normal battery drain. When I turn WiFi on the battery drains extremely fast. Any ideas before I run the Doctor? Would WebOS Repair help when it gets updated?
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    Sounds werid I leave my Wifi on all day and I only drain 1.75% a hour.

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    After reading all of the posts about battery drain with wifi on,I wanted to test my pre with my wifi on. I took my pre off of my TS charger at 10 pm with a 97% charge, as of 8 am, the battery moniter read 88%, about the same rate of discharge before the 1.3.5 update. (SR 500 patch, email set to 30 min. and blutetooth and GPS set to off). I have Preware with 25 patches installed. I have never had a problem with Preware, never had to doctor my phone yet (launch Pre).
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    Since 1.3.5 and having WiFi stay alive when sleeping My battery lasts longer *and* I can receive calls due to having an Airave being on 1x.
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    +1 with Unix when home I leave my wifi on due to an airave and always switching to 1x. I have 10 patch's installed with e-mail set to every hour. When idle my pre drains 1.75% an hour and could easily last 48 hours just at idle. With normal use I go 24 Hours with some extra juice left over.

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    Because of all of the posts with people having this problem, something is definitely going on here. I wonder what the common denominator is, for sure it's does not have anything to do with Preware and patches, at least on our pre's.
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    Quick question regarding the people that arent seeing problems with battery drain..

    On a normal work day, do you leave wifi on after leaving home and knowing you wont have a wifi connection till youre back home?

    If so do you notice a difference in drain rate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    I wonder what the common denominator is, for sure it's does not have anything to do with Preware and patches
    Preware no, but patches I would not be so sure. I do not have the battery drain issue. I leave WiFi on 24/7. I have never used any patches and never had any problems.

    Palm definitely made some changes in 1.3.5 that utilize some type of SR. If you are still running SR patches you are probably at the very least creating some conflicts.
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    I turn wifi off when I leave in the morning and back on when I get home. I do not notice any difference in drain rate either way. However, my battery is overheating when I charge (this started before 1.3.5). Am off to the repair center to get a replacement battery and will let you all know if there is any change with that.

    EDIT: I have a ton of patches, so I, to, am unsure that they have anything to do with rate of drain, wifi or EVDO, since it's the same either way for me. Usually need to recharge if I use the phone a lot during the day (say listening to podcasts or Music Player Remix at work), but drain rate has been consistent since I got the phone mid-September.
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