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    I have been having serious issues charging my pre. For whatever reason sometimes my Pre charges when I plug it in and sometimes it doesn't. I've had to resort to checking my Pre after a few minutes to see if battery percentage actually goes up after a few minutes.

    I thought my Pre was damages and returned it to Sprint, received a second one and the replacement has the same issue. I have 3 different chargers and have this issue with all of them. I'm wondering if this is a Patch issue.

    Does anyone else have this issue? I have the following patches installed on my Pre.

    Linux Applications
    Extract PDF Viewer Application
    GNU Patch

    4x4 Icons 2
    Battery as Percent
    Close Slider to End Calls Except Handset
    Enable Landscape PDF Viewer
    Hide NASCAR App
    Multi Mod
    Notification Repeat (im)
    Notification Repeat (call)
    Select Alert and Notifications Tones
    Show Download Count
    Swipe to Delete
    Timestamps - Clean
    Unthrottle Download Manager

    Package Manager Service

    I've Doctored and I'm at a loss here, any help would be appreciated.
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    Have you tried to hook it up to your PC/Mac?
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    Yes, same issues occur. Sometimes no sometimes yes.
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    You even have this issue with Palm's genuine charger?
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    Yes, with the Palm charger, after market, car charger and USB to computer.
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    Well, the only consistent element from charger to charger is the Micro USB port on the side of your Pre. I'd imagine that's where your problem lies. Am I a genius or what?

    If you wiggle the cable in the Pre's port can you get it to start/stop charging?
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