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    After the "Patch" today I deleted a conversation.

    I still cannot view new conversations from that person after the patch.

    I have to re-add them manually. *sigh*
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    Yeah there still is something strange going on with txt messages. I've had a couple where I deleted the whole conversation and afterwards they would txt and it would all come back but if I sent them a txt I couldnt see what I sent until I closed out and reopened the messaging app and then the rest of the convo would be gone.
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    They said this was 'Fixed' with 1.3.5 but I just tested it with my Wife's and My Palm Pre... still buggs out and you have to totally delete and re-add the contact for it to come back.
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    i had this problem before the update
    havent seen it since

    However, they do say its cause when u delete conversions multiple-ly, and not singlely

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