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    I had put a post here several days back about data work and picturemail no being able to send to receive and how sprint tech basically told me my only option was to hard reset, Well I did do that today and upon doing so I sent a picture mail before restoring anything and it worked, upon restoring my palmdatabase.db3 it wont work again so that means its something in the database...

    Now Ill say iv been a LONG user and follower of Palm since the treo 300 days and its REALLY ****ing me off that THIS is suppose to be THE phone to save them and its awesome believe me I LOVE IT but it cant do the simple crap all the older palms did such as backup and restore everything, NOT just numbers, i mean call logs pics texts, that's WHAT PALM was known for...AGHHHHHH anyone have a fix for me?
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    I posted about a problem I had recently that I believe stems from the same problem. I did a hard-reset on my Pre, copied over PalmDatabase.db3 and MMS stopped working. I couldn't figure out why, but then after going through a ##RTN# restore, it started working again. I copied PalmDatabase.db3 back over and it stopped working again.

    Has anyone written a SQL script to copy over only the contents of the SMS/MMS tables from the SQL Lite database? Or does anyone know of a good SQL Lite differencing tool?

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