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    I personally find the Pre's speed very well. I guess we have come on a time were everyone want what they want the exact second we want it. (ever find you self screaming at the microwave were you only have to wait a minute were usually you would have to wait 30 min). The Pre isn't anymore inefficient than if the apps popped up another half a second earlier. The iPhone is just barely faster than the Pre just it seems faster because of the animation it does.
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    My opinion of my Pre lines up with the majority of the posts in this thread. The speed is fine, meets pretty much all of my expectations. People can be on their computer and a program may take awhile to load, or their email may bog down and they don't think twice about it, you know, a computer thing. But if by chance their Pre bogs down opening an app or the email slows down, they scream bloody murder. To me, the Pre is an awesome platform and I am really looking foward to what's in store for 2010!
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