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    First off, this is my first thread and I'm only making it because I'm completely unsure of my issue even after reading through pages of threads, so thank you ahead of time for any help I can get, and all that good stuff.

    Now onto my question/problem [going to try and kill two birds with one stone]:

    1) This has to do with the thread title; now let's say I run WebOS Doctor(a program which at this point terrifies me cause I don't want to lose my contacts..) I've read that afterwords you simply reactivate your phone by recovering your "Palm Profile". Now I do know what the Palm Profile IS, but what nobody has seemed to mention is, does it have your "Palm Profile" Contacts saved? Or am I the only one who thinks that nice guy at Sprint that moved all that from my Centro [God bless that phone, it went threw some punishment..] to my Pre would be upset to know I ruined all that "hard work" he did? Not to mention I have maybe 3% of my contacts saved onto my google/yahoo accounts and I would lose almost all of them..

    Not knowing the answer to that leads me to:

    2) I'm having immense difficulties installing patches. Apps work fine, but these patches are giving me trouble. After I removed my theme and ran the EPR and upgraded to this fiendish 1.3.5 some patches have decided that they just don't like my phone and give me an "Error Installing: See IPKG Log" thing-a-ma-jig. I'm using the most recent WOSQI, Preware, Package Mngr, the works. And as for that error above here's what the problem actually says: www mediafire com/imageview.php?quickkey=kazwminzmv2&thumb=5]WOSQI Error.jpg

    [sorry I can't post links, just put periods after "www" and before "com"]

    Now some patches DO work and install just fine. That example is from the patch to view sms messages in landscape. But what could be causing that? It makes me want to run the WebOS Doctor and try all this from scratch knowing any sort of patch would be gone for sure. But that leads me back to the palm profile dilemma.

    Finally, sorry to anyone having a tough time understanding what I'm saying. I know I'm terrible at explaining myself most of the time, but it would be easy for you to ask me more specific questions and I will answer everything to the best of my ability. Please somebody help
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    Q1: Contacts associated with the Palm Profile are backed up to the Palm Profile. There have been issues in the past with faulty Palm Profile backups. This was discussed extensively in the last few months. You might run a search to educate yourself on the problem and advice on avoiding it -- assuming the problem still exists (it might have been corrected; I didn't keep up with the threads).

    Q2: I solved this problem twice in the past without removing all of my patches. Both times I spent a lot of time looking at my phone with Internalz, removing individual files with WebOS Quick Install, restoring individual files with the WebOS Repair Utility -- and nearly gouging my eyes out from the pain. There must be an easier way, and I'll leave it to someone else to reveal it. Of course, the easier way may be to remove all of the patches via EPR and the WebOS Repair Utility which beats doctoring, but will still require reinstallation of all patches (assuming it works and you don't end up doctoring anyway).

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    For question 1 let me be more specific.. After running WebOS Doctor you have to imput you're Palm Profile again. After doing so, will all the contacts for my profile come back to my phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler_Durden View Post
    For question 1 let me be more specific.. After running WebOS Doctor you have to imput you're Palm Profile again. After doing so, will all the contacts for my profile come back to my phone?
    theoretically long as all goes well. just got a new pre today and all my contacts came back
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    I guess I wasn't clear. If the Palm Profile works as intended, you will recover your contacts and some other info (as they existed at your last backup) when you sign into your profile. When the Palm Profile did not worked as intended and contacts were lost, it was discussed extensively in several threads.
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    ypur palm profile contains your memos , SMS/MMS conversations, Contacts and Calendars in your palm profile, Your User created accnt Email addresses that have your Other contacts/calendars or IM accnts such as Google calendar or Gmail Contacts and your email accounts.

    Read Below how to safely have a Backup of all that. Please Note that when you backup this info you should only restore it to a phone that is the same vers. as the previous phone. also i have found that it is best to do a FULL Erase and than a WebOS Doctor for this to work best. (to ensure no patches themes exist anywhere on your phone.) As such Backup all the contents of your USB drive , Sans the Hidden Folders (meaning Do Not back up any folder with a period inf front of its name like .palm)
    While we have no evidence to suggest that the failure of Palm Profiles to successfully sync contacts to newly activated webOS devices is a widespread phenomena , it is widespread enough to be a cause of concern. These recent developments, compounded with the Danger fiasco last month, should serve to reinforce the importance of data redundancy, even in the days of "cloud computing." To echo Dieter's sentiments on the issue:

    Our advice: your key data should always be in a minimum of three places:

    1. Your Pre (where it's persistent as long as you don't erase anything)
    2. A cloud service (Palm, Google, Exchange, etc)
    3. Someplace 'else.' For most of us that will be your desktop, where hopefully you're pulling down your data from Google or Exchange. If you're using Palm's profile exclusively, we suggest you take a look at one of the several desktop sync apps that are available now.

    Aside from using third party programs like Mark/Space's The Missing Sync or Chapura's PocketMirror, there really isn't an easy to take the contact information stored in the Palm Profile and export it for use in other services, such as gmail or Yahoo. There is a utility in the works by DrewPre that's intended to fill this void, as first reported by Derek earlier this week, but it has yet to be released to the public as of this writing.

    Those who want to back up their data without parting with money are still in luck, however: utilizing the tools and resources already made available to us by members of the webOS community, it is possible to back up the contents of your Palm Profile, and even export the contacts contained therein to the cloud service of your choice.

    Here's how.

    Step 1: install and configure webOS Quick Install
    Follow the directions here for installing and configuring Jason Robitaille's webOS Quick Install, and what steps are needed to get your webOS device ready for the procedure.

    Step 2: Extract PalmDatabase.db3
    Per the webos-internals wiki, everything in your Palm Profile is kept in an sqlite database located in /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3.

    If that sentence doesn't make much sense to you, that's okay.

    To extract the database file, connect your webOS device to your computer, selecting "just charge". Start webOS Quick Install and navigate your way to Tools > Receive file, where you'll enter "/var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmDatabase.db3". Select where you'd like the program to save the file, and click "Get From Device!".

    Step 3: Archive, Export, or Transplant
    Archive: If you're not interested in transferring the contacts contained in PalmDatabase.db3, performing a weekly backup as a "just in case" is never a bad idea.

    Export: If you are interested in exporting your contents to a cloud service, xybyre has created a program, which can be downloaded from here via a donation of $5, that will extract the contents from the database file into a CSV file that can be exported into gmail, outlook and the like. Questions to the developer can be directed to him in this forum thread.

    DrewPre also has a utility for doing this requiring users to root their devices, but the complexity of using his method is beyond the scope of this write up. If you're interested in more about this method, take a look though this thread in the forums.

    Transplant: In the way that we were able to copy a file from a webOS device, it is also possible to copy a file to a webOS device.

    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Send the file back to the phone with the same software vers as the previous and send it to this location "/var/luna/data/dbdata/" not like the screenshot

    So long as the OS version of the device the data is taken from matches that of the receiving device, you should be able to transplant PalmDatabase.db3 without any ill effect. Just transfer the file over, restart the phone, and you should be good to go.

    Further resources
    As always, the forums are an excellent resource if you have any questions regarding this process at all. Many, if not all, of the developers behind the programs and resources used for this quick how to maintain a regular presence there. Go ahead, give 'em your thanks, and if you really dig their work, a donation.
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    I want to thank everyone that answered so quickly. I doctored and I'm having no issues. Got my contacts back and everything's smooth. Haven't tried installing patches yet so if anyone has any insight onto that image, or what these errors mean, maybe you could still answer them, for my general knowledge and for other users having similar problems.
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    Is there any way to "transplant" the PalmDatabase file through different phone versions?

    I'm planning on doing an unsupported upgrade (WebOSDoctor to 1.3.5 on a Mexico GSM phone), and I'd love to have my conversations again

    Thanks in advance

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