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    If I understand correctly, the GPS on the Pre works two ways simultaneously. 1) It uses a GPS radio to coordinate with satellites. 2) It uses cellular access points to assist with positioning. Technically, either one of these approaches would work for most peoples needs, but the Pre (and, I'm sure, other phones) uses them in tandem.

    The trouble is, because the Pre requires a data connection to utilize the GPS, you can't talk on the phone at the same time.

    Would it be possible to shut off the data requirement of the GPS, forcing it to function via the GPS radio only, allowing the user to talk on the phone at the same time? It would seem that, if I can use WiFi or BlueTooth at the same time as voice, because they are separate radios within the same unit (they are, right?), I could use the GPS function too, IF data wasn't required in tandem

    I'm just hypothesizing. Is my logic sound or skewed (and, if you would, tell me why either way)?

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    see here for a detailed post on getting NON ASSISTED GPS for your pre

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