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    This issue just started happening today with no warning. I have four calendar accounts, one of them is an exchange one. Today I received a work meeting reminder as usual so I know it was working at one point today but then suddenly, all my calendar account became empty, all accounts. I started deleting one account at a time to eleminate the issue and it is the exchange one, if I remove it, I get my other calendars showing events normally, if I install it again, I get 4 empty calendars. I doctored my phone but still have the same issue, any ideas?

    Also, I forgot to mention that the email portion of this account works perfectly
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    This is what I found on several threads, and it definitely worked for me:

    1. Go to Date & Time and turn off Network time.
    2. Change the Date to Jan 2 2009
    3. Launch calendar. Your entries should now be visible
    4. Change the Date to the correct date - Jan 2 2010
    5. Launch calendar again to verify that entries are still showing up.
    6. Switch network time back on.
    7. When "Waiting for Network" appear, switch to airplane mode
    8. Turn airplane mode off, and network time should connect
    9. Launch calendar again and it should be all good

    Note that if you need to turn off your Pre, you will need to do this all over again.

    Good luck!

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