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    It seems that my GPS works as-intended until I use WebOS Quick Install to set up Package Service Manager, and Preware.

    After that, every time I check my Location Services, I find that they are disabled. After enabling them, I can check back about 10 minutes later, they are disabled again.

    When I bring up that screen, and click "Enable GPS," it appears to do nothing. The screen does not update or show success. I have to close out the card and re-open to see if GPS is enabled.

    Could this somehow be related to the Package Manager? Preware? Dev mode? I never had this problem until 1.3.1. I've doctored my phone, and set everything up identically every time.

    After a fresh doctor, my GPS works perfectly. Enable GPS, it stays on, even after reboots. After installing Preware, even no patches, I lose GPS. Very strange. The only other thing I do at the same time is copy over my PalmDatabase.db3 to reload my texts. I actually do this BEFORE I install Preware, and I checked GPS functionality after the fact--still worked fine.

    I'm stumped now. Any ideas?
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    doubt its cause by preware or wsqi as i use both and havent had any issues
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    I also doubt it could be caused by simply copying the PalmDatabase.db3 over using novaterm.

    I did notice that if I try to install Package Manager Server AND Preware at the same exact time, using WebOS Quick Install, that it craps up the phone and requires a wipe.

    It seems to cause an endless luna reboot. You have to install the service, then wait for it to finish it's reboot, then install Preware. I'm surprised Quick Install doesn't prevent that. I've confirmed it 3 times now, at least with the current versions on 1.3.5
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    Well disabling dev mode had no effect whatsoever. Guess it's time to doctor again.
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    strange sounds like this belongs in the 1.3.5 issues thread or perhaps the preware issues thread
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    Posting in those threads guarantees that no one will ever find the answer to this, if they have a similar problem.

    They should create sub-forums for issues/etc, so people can find information. I've had to resort to google search to find anything relevant here.
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    there is the forums search option just for that
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    there is the forums search option just for that
    yes, it will give you the entire thread as a result, but to find the specific problem requires you to use google, practically.
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    thats the price of popularity
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    wow, it ended up being the PalmDatabase.db3...some how. I guess something has changed since 1.3.1 and it doesn't like being restored so much. Lame...
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