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    When I launch my camera using the icon, all I get is the camera launching image flashing repeatedly. It never launches the camera... i'm about to launch the phone!
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    Do you have my tether installed and have you applied the patch to make it work with wifi?
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    Actually, I installed my tether yesterday, and today is the first time I tried to use the camera. I was unaware that I need to install a patch to make it work with wifi. Any advice? Thanks for your reply.
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    Do you have the paid or free version?
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    my camera doesnt work and i have never had mytether installed on my phone.
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    Do you have any patches installed? Are you using precorder?
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    I have version 2.0.4 Full version (paid version)
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    I have numerous patches installed, all of wich seem to be working properly. I do not have precorder.
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    i have a few patches installed, but I'm not using precorder. For patches, I have the battery %, full IM status, 4x4 icons, time-stamp messages, show call duration, and youtube video download. I tried to install the wrap launcher pages patch and it wouldnt let me install it or. It said that it was already installed, but I couldnt find it to uninstall and then re-install it.
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    i just doctored my phone and still no luck with the camera. anybody have any other suggestions i might be able to use?
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    it's a hardware issue. Open the phone, open the camera, then snap the phone shut. You'll wanna take it to a sprint store since it's a known issue and they should get you a replacement phone for free.

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