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    So, after updating to 1.3.5, all of my calendar items have disappeared. It still shows that it's syncing with my multiple Google accounts and my Exchange calendar and yet there are no entries anywhere on my phone.

    Did this happen to anyone else? After telling it to re-sync all calendars I still have 0 entries. Even past entries disappeared.

    Not really sure what to do but this basically kills the phone for me... I guess I'll try using webOS Doctor if it doesn't start working.
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    There is a bug with 1.3.5 several threads have discussed this. The workaround is to go into Date and Time and turn off network time and time zone and manually set your date to 12/31/2009. Then open your calendar app to view your entries. Go back into date and time and set it back to today's date. Leave network time and time zone off. This will stay fixed until you restart your Pre.
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    I am experiencing this too, I could swear I had entries after I updated it a few days ago. I even added entries since. I have an exchange account and gmail calendars, all I have done in the days after the update is update the package manager service, install doom and a couple patches.
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    It is not 1.3.5 related, it is 2010 related, and exchange related, as even Pre's in Canada on 1.3.1 have the same issue.
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    Wow that's a horrible bug. Thanks for the workaround. Since my clock becomes several minutes off per day, I'll have to manually update my time everyday instead of just restarting. Sucks.

    I wonder how something like this could have slipped through? I wonder if Palm does any kind of unit testing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecode View Post
    It is not 1.3.5 related, it is 2010 related, and exchange related, as even Pre's in Canada on 1.3.1 have the same issue.
    The emulator hasn't gotten the bug yet. I am still able to see all my entries in there without any workaround, that is why I thought it was a 1.3.5 bug.
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    When I did mamouton's fix above, I DID go back and turn on network time and zone, and it's working. Just make sure you open the calendar in betweeen as he says.
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    This is what I found on several threads, and it definitely worked for my EAS calendar:

    1. Go to Date & Time and turn off Network time.
    2. Change the Date to Jan 2 2009 (just change the year)
    3. Launch calendar. Your entries should now be visible
    4. Change the Date to the correct date - Jan 2 2010
    5. Launch calendar again to verify that entries are still showing up
    6. Switch network time back on
    7. When "Waiting for Network" appear, switch to airplane mode
    8. Turn airplane mode off, and network time should connect
    9. Launch calendar again and it should be all good

    Note that if you need to turn off your Pre, you will need to do this all over again.

    Good luck!

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