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    How do I tether my Pre to my Windows 7 computer?
    When I try to connect to my Pre as an access point using bluetooth, I get the following error:

    Auth Error
    Your service account does not allow internet connection sharing. Contact Sprint for help.
    I've read I have to install MyTether, but I've also seen people saying that it's not working after the 1.3.5 update. I've looked in several places, and all the information seems to be scattered everywhere and some of it's even conflicting. I know several people that would like to enable this feature, so I think that the PreCentral community would benefit from a Tutorial for Tethering.

    If somebody was willing to write up a Tutorial for Tethering (maybe even a PreCentral article) I would be eternally grateful.
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    The only problem with this method is that it only works over usbNet and not over WiFi
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    If you have some spare cash, the donor version of MyTether works fine with 1.3.5...

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