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    I cant install preware because of some novacom error...its not reading that my phone is connected to the pc...what do i do?
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    I had a similar problem caused by two issues - 1.3.5 upgrade and Windows 7 upgrade.
    When I upgraded my phone, properly, Preware did not work. So I tried to run through my new computer with Windows 7. It does not recognize Pre with all normal backups I had saved from my old XP computer, so had to reload everything as well as Orca for 7.

    Search the how to files. There are some good ones, keep the windows open and follow the steps. It takes time and patience, no one can give you an easy fix. But if you upgraded to 1.3.5 or are using Windows 7, this will cause issues. If you read, follow steps, it will work - but it is frustrating when everything was running perfect.

    Good luck
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    What worked for me , I un-stalled novacom restarted the pc installed it. And I was good to go.

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