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    sure. nice, solid looking phone. the thing is... is there anything wrong with Palm having different type of form factors?

    instead of detuning the Pixi, what if Palm decided to offer all three form factors and make all three form factor identical as far as all hardware... except for display (but they all maintain the same aspect ratio so that apps are fully compatible across the line... they really messed up with the Pixi in this respect).

    They all have same cpu and memory and all other specs the same but you have the Pre with slide up, you have the Pixi in candy bar with keyboard and you have the nexus style. All running same WebOS... with the keyboard versions you still have virtual keyboard if desired and would solve the pre in landscape.

    Anything really wrong with that?

    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Is this what you would like the new Palm to look like?

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    I am eagerly awaiting the release of the V version of the Pre, aka the Palm Pre Plus. Since I much prefer V's customer service and at least in my area of cnetral FL's better coverage. However, I have no problem if there is a virtual keyboard as long as there also is a real one. I expect, that the Pre Plus will have a slighly larger screen and keyboard. I expect the keyboard to be less flimsy and to have sligly larger buttons. I also expect it will use a faster processor that will be more energy effecient. I also suspect that thebattery will be a bigger one (in terms of output and possibly physically larger as well).

    I have no problem with the phone being slightly larger, which is what most of the Pre Plus leaks claim. I could also live with it being slightly thicker.

    I am sorry for any typos, as I am disabled and that is one of the main reasosn why I want a real keyboard in place of or in additon to a vertial one.

    Take care, Jay
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    If I had any input (which I don't) it would be:

    Screen: regardless of wether it's a slab or the current form-factor (which I prefer), I would want to see a screen ratio of 16:9 with the pixels at 480x854. This would also make the phone wider for a larger physical keyboard (if it is to have the same form-factor) and larger battery. OLED type display tech goes without saying (better battery life and colors).

    Materials: glass and metal; no glossy plastic and nothing flimsy.

    Buttons: I want an additional button on both the left and right spine of the device ala Blackberry with user-selectable functions. I want the center card-view button to have multiple colors for various indications/notifications. I want a nice, solid click to them. I like the design of the vibrate-mode switch on the iPhone. That's right, I said it. (The one on the Pixi ain't bad either)

    Upgraded hardware: I'm not talking about processors, memory, and camera, that's obvious (well, a better LED flash for the camera is not so obvious, which can also be used as a flashlight, but I digress...). I'm talking about speaker-phone, ear-piece, noise-cancelling microphone, USB data transfer (USB 3.0?), Dolby headset jack, and the like. Bluetooth 3.0 (and more bluetooth profiles if it can't be done via software).

    Additional hardware: let's add a digital compass, RFID chip, a TV tuner (Mobile DTV not MediaFLO), how about a solar panel (remember those calculators?), maybe a standardized accessory port (apart from the usb), maybe a bar-code scanner; and say what you will, I would like to see the infrared port make a comeback if only to replace my remotes. I've seen Casio watches with barometers (and altimeters), I can't see why that wouldn't fit in a cellphone... maybe that would be going too far. Additional API's to go with the new hardware, duh.

    Software: I'm so happy with WebOS that I can't think of much in this department. We know that video recording, more apps, more API's, etc, is coming. We all want those awesome homebrew patches incorporated into WebOS. I'm hoping for upgraded PIM apps sooner rather than later. On the other hand, I so want a desktop application as another option for data transfer/backup; maybe something that's even integrated with Amazon.

    If Palm were to incorporate any one of the above ideas, I would be gratefull. BTW, the above list is in order of preference. My preference. I offer these ideas to Palm royalty free.
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    You can only do so much with the Pre form factor. A bigger screen on that defeats the purpose. I don't see much wrong with it if it wasn't so plasticy feeling.

    The little Pixi can be bumped up.

    Offering a landscape slider (so much of webOS needs a kb) would make sense as well to draw more in. The huge kb could have a gesture area on it. Dpad on left. Macro buttons on right that you can customize.
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    Did ya know that that virtual keyboard suck rocks big time. And that the Pre is not that much thicker than the iPhone?
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    Improvement on the current design would be great. If it could be a bit wider that would be great. A wider pre would make the keyboard larger. Reduce the curviness to make opening the pre easier. Add a dpad or trackball in replace of the current ball. Add srollbars to web pages. Add hdmi or video output. MicroSD slot.
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    I would love to see a Pixi-style phone with a better, more responsive and bigger screen, wifi and a Pre-style high-end chipset. A digital compass too would be great
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Is this what you would like the new Palm to look like?
    Hell no.
    That would be the worst possible direction that Palm could go.

    Palm has 2 great form factors already. I would stick with them and improve the build quality with metal and glass. Bump up the hardware specs along the way. The Pre form factor could become iconic in the future if done right.

    Even though I hate the iphone form factor I admire apple for sticking with it and making it iconic. Thats what Palm needs to do is carve out their own identity.

    The biggest mistake that Palm could ever make is to make their phones look like everyone else's by doing the black slab thing. They would loose their identity over night.
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    and thats why ur just a customer and they r well they are palm!
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