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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    I just wish the cards would loop around if there are more than three open cards.

    I also think that a swipe from the card on the end it should let you swipe back around to the beginning, like a big loop.

    And +1 for creating a dock that stacks cards if you want to keep them handy without a cluttered screen.

    Then, they need to give us the option to replace the launcher button with a function that will pop up the last 5 or 10 apps I've opened.

    In all of this the UI needs to look much more three dimensional, in the manner that the iPod Touch does with album art...

    Even with stacks, the screenshots I've seen all look very 2-dimensional and boring... Even the way it is today, they cards to the side of the center card should bend as if they are scrolling around a curve in a 3-dimensional fashion. I wish I was good at photochopping to I could mock something up...

    And I concur with the previous post recognizing the mad search skills needed to breath life into such an old thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rksand View Post
    I just want it to stop rearranging open cards when I respond to an email notification - it places the email app at the far right.

    webOS 2.0 fixes this. New cards go to the right of the current card if they don't stack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeisnowonfire View Post
    As cool as that seems, it looks like it would be resource-heavy?
    i think it would be, not only that, i don't see how it address the "problem" of webOS appearing too busy. this would only make it busier... not that i have a problem with the current state of business

    my solution would be to simply have a minimize function that hides all active applications until you feel like looking at them again. Not as cool as a carousel, but i think it comes without the potential performance issues...
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    Or Sorry if this is trolling but I was thinking what about for say the contacts Icon on the launcher acted as a say...Stack Docklet. You tap it once and your top 5 or favorite 5 pop up. And tap it again and it opens your Address Book.
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    The card wrap exists as part of an ap/patch Unfortunately I deleted all of mine to rebuild and I am not sure which one.


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    there is a patch for launcher wrap, but that is different. And it removes the animation of swiping pages, which isn't cool.
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    I'm new to patching, but I am sure I had my cards revolving, it may have been an ap or something else that allowed it
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