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    Previous to the latest patch i would have my phone at 100% before i would go to sleep at night (2am) until i would wake up (8am) almost EVERY night for months i would have consistent loss in battery, i would lose between 45-55% constantly.

    The last 2 nights i have gone from 100% to 91%, and 92% today. 8% vs 50% loss..

    Has anyone noticed a huge change like i have? This is great.

    What makes me wonder is , i use an Airave and wifi, so techincally i have always had 5 bars, but never "great reception" because my ISP is really behind the times ( they think 1.5mb down for CABLE is "turbo")
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    I was averaging around 6 - 8 percent loss with 1.3.1 and now with 1.3.5 it's only 2 - 3 percent. I have full bars but in my basement were my man cave is my EV signal drops in and out. Now thats just at idle and not using the phone expect for text messages and e-mails.

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    On a side note if I leave wifi on I get way better battery life because the phone isn't trying to search for EVDO.

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    I've noticed this also. I get about 1-3 bars in my house and I am not a heavy user apart from texting and occasional game play, I used to be able to make it through about 20 hours before I was at like 20%.

    I've now noticed I can go well over 24 hours (yesterday I checked in at about 28) and I was still at like 45%.

    Now when I do use the phone a little more it doesn't last as long but I can easily get over a days worth of use. I am sure if I were watching a lot of videos or something that wouldn't be the case but for how I use the phone it lasts much longer now.
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    I've also noticed quite an improvement in battery life. I usually have three bars of EVDO at my house and I rarely switch to wi-fi. In the past if I left it off the charger at night, it would be down almost on empty in the morning. After the update this is no longer the case.
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    After a few weeks im still getting great battery life and NO visible loss of function

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