So the other day when 1.3.5 came out, I wanted to do a clean start and tried to use the webOS doctor to start fresh, but midway through i realized that i was using an older version (1.2) and also i inadvertently dislodged the usb cable half way through the reset.

Anyway, my phone ended up in an odd state where it would boot up fine in 1.2 and connect and make calls, surf the web etc. but it couldn't download any updates/apps and it couldn't be recognized as a Pre on the usb connection any more, or recognized by the webos Doctor app, and would only mount as an external usb drive (even in 'just charge' mode) or an ipod. I even tried pulling the battery and connecting the phone via USB and saw it recognized by my windows pc as the OMAP chip model.

So after many attempts on multiple PCs/Macs, finally saw the info here on one of the threads about holding down the up-volume button and the power button to turn it on in some boot loader mode, which i did, and voila, the phone was recognized by the pc as a Pre device and WebOSDoctor (using the correct version this time) did recognize it and perform a clean 1.3.5 image on the phone.

I do have one remaining question. One of my Macs keeps installing the novacom driver when using the WebOS doctor, and it doesn't recognize my phone (my PCs and other Mac work fine)....any tips on how to cleanup my problem Mac to get it to a state where it recognizes the phone again and stops re-installing novacom?