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    1. I got the error during the last update.

    2. I understand that I need to run the webOS Doctor software to fix the problem, but will lose all my personal data in the process (e.g. photos).

    3. Does anyone know of a way to access the USB drive separately to retrieve this data before undergoing this process? Obviously the data is there, so I imagine there must be some workaround to get access to it.

    I admit, I have never really understood my phone completely and am a complete rookie smartphone user. I really could not care less about contacts, etc, since they primarily come from a google contacts account that is preserved. However, I have nice photos of my daughter on the phone that I would like to retrieve.
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    i had to use the doctor to fix mine and nothing was lost. pics music and contacts all came back
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    This is the warning included with the webOS Doctor instructions:

    "Important: If you have pictures, videos, music files, or other files on the USB drive of your phone, you will need to restore these from your computer. Running the tool deletes all files stored in the USB drive."

    In view of this stern admonition, I'd prefer not to take any chances.

    Furthermore, I had never been able to figure out how to download the pictures to my computer. I now realize that I should have put my phone into "USB Drive Mode." I swear I have looked for this solution before unsuccessfully, but in any event, there is no backup file from which to restore the images. Thus, the essential question is:

    In the setting of this "frozen state," is there any way to get the Pre to act like a removable USB drive for the purpose of retrieving data?
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    Yes. Take out the battery, plug it into the wall charger while holding the volume button UP, then reinsert battery.

    And yes, the doctor does NOT wipe your USB data anymore. That page needs to be updated. Since 1.3.1, this has not occurred.
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    WebOS Dr is supposed to clear everything yet when my wife's got the rom error and had to go through it she kept all of her pictures and music as well. Perhaps this is a special scenerio for when it gets doctored after a rom failure. No idea.

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