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    So, before the last WebOS update, I went ahead and uninstalled all of my patches and updated. Everything went great. Removed Preware and the Package manager service and reinstalled (Via the latest QuickInstall [2.96]) and again, everything worked great. Got right back into patching my phone.

    But after installing the 5x4 app launcher, I decided I would rather have a 4x4...but the patch doesn't show in my installed patches under preware. I tried removing it via Preware and WebOS quick install, but it's NOT THERE.

    So, how do I remove it? Especially for the next update, I'd rather not risk a dead pre because of this one stupid patch. Any help?
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    Try running EPR.
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    Similar issue here after upgrading WebOS. I ran EPR and even tried running WebOSRepair but the most recent version id not compatible with the new WebOS.

    Is there some other way to detect and remove the patch and then re-install?

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