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    I send like 5,000 messages month and I have had my PalmPre for about 3 months and I would like to delete them all but im pretty sure you can only delete them individually.
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    you can delete whole conversations but thats all im aware of for mass deleting
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    how do i do that?
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    Swipe them to the side, click delete.
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    I was playing with my buddy's pre yesterday, and we were trying to figure this out also. When you swipe them to the side, it seems like the conversation deleted but when you go into contacts and click sms the contact to text someone, the conversation reappears. Its really weird that you can't permanently delete it. It seems like it only deletes one text at a time but the conversation is hidden or something afterwards. I wonder why they didn't put a delete all feature?
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    Some phones are having this issue, although it was supposed to be fixed with1.3.1, but for me the above method works fine & I never see deleted convos again.
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    This only works reliably on 1.3.5, and it can take several minutes for the old messages to be completely cleared out.
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    Apparently from what I've read, longer conversations take a little longer to be erased.
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    yea that is strange how u can only delete single messages at one time. Hopefully sprint puts a delete all update within the next couple months

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