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    so i just got another pre (#2) due to a blown speaker, i am not satisfied at all with it. it's got a huge gap on the top right, has alot of play, bluetooth dont work right and the power button is so mushy (doesnt have that click). soo irratating....i guess time to return it again and hope to get a good one. my first pre was flawless. just thought i'd share...Happy New Year!!
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    Sorry to hear about your problems, I agree the Pre has a lot of problems but if your willing to stick it out I think the Pre is going to get better.
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    Sounds like you got the one they tried to send me. I wrote OREO on a post-it note, stuck it to the Pre, and sent it right back. The refurbished phones sent out are crap! Get ready for a good game of Pre Pong with Customer Service.
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    should i try again through sprint? its only been three days since my first replacement, and i cant take it already. i mean you pay good money for a nice phone and we get crappy refurbish phones, ahh what the hell ill do it tomorrow. tell them im not at all satisfied. oh yeah im ready for pre pong also...
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    This to me is absolutely ridiculous- I am not a apple fan boy by any stretch of the imagination but you would never catch a apple product having issues like this- I am on my 5th pre due to speaker issues- The last time they tries 2 of the refurbished phones- neither of them would work so they ended up giving me a new on- didn't matter- speaker was toast within 2 weeks- and the touchscreen gets very quirky when it gets cold out. Overall not very satisfied....

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