I posted this as a reply, but I'm not sure it got any attention. But here's what worked for me...

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i accidentally didnt remove my patches and themes before installing webOS 1.3.5. after installing it i removed everything, but now when i try to reinstall patches and themes there is an error that keeps coming up. it says error installing. any ideas on how to fix this?
Same here guys... I'm back up and running now though. Originally none of my apps, patches or themes were showing up to delete from Preware or WEBOSQI. So I spent hours reading through here. I did the obvious. Reinstalled preware, and webosqi... and still nothing. I got a little frustrated, but I continued to read some more. No luck. I ran the Emergency Mig. Helper... and nothing. So I was like screw it.. and just ran the EMH again. Wow, after the restart, I launched preware and all of my undeleted patches where now listed. So in WEBOSQI, I went to device manager and checked everything that was a patch... Deleted.. Went to my theme... Reset to default.. Phone reset... I saw the algae looking flowers and freaked out cause i thought I had lost everything. The first thing I did was to check my contacts and SMS... Sweet, everything is still there. Final test was trying to download some Palm Apps.. I'm in download heaven all over again..

So in Short, for those of you like me, where not able or didn't remove patches before install

1. Re-install PMS & Preware from WEBosQI
2. Check your device manager from the tools menu in WEBosQI: If your applications & patches are listed proceed to check all of your patches and delete. You should get several pop ups depending on what patches you've installed. Ok through them all. Skip to step 4...
3.If you did not see your apps listed, you will need to run the Emergency Mig. Helper from the WEBosQI (where you found preware and PMS) . I ended up running this twice. After phone resets, go back to step 2
4.After you've cleared you patches, go to Themer (under tools) Reset to default them. Phone should be rebooting as it would have when u first purchased it. If so, you should be smiling, as u are back n download heaven as well...
5.let me know if this works for you guys, of if I jus got lucky... dueces, happy new year