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    I am having some troubles with text messaging. There are few Hidden text messages in my phone. Basically, when I am on the main text messaging screen, I don't see messages from certain contacts. But if I start to type their names, then the text messages show up. I read another similar thread here and one of the suggestions was to do a soft reset.

    Can someone tell me how to do a soft reset? Also, if there are any more suggestions to fix this issue, it is well appreciated.

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    Couple easy things... unlink and re-link if the contact is currently linked in your contacts list. change the contacts name, open messenger app, delete the new name conversation, go back and change the name back. finally if none of those work, I have had success with linking the contact to something random (pizza place in your phone book), go in to messenger app and delete conversation (will now show pizza place name), and then unlink and start the conversation again.

    Hope that made sense. -Grand

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