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    ok so i updated to 1.3.5 and from their my phone messed up. I webdoctored and all is well again except for an app i purchased. the app i purchased was timepiece and i have the email receipt for it and everything. It is now nowhere to be found, not on my phone or in the app store...what happened and how do i go about getting it back?
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    i had kinda the same issue, but i lost all apps but the devmode app. i took out the battery and restarted and they all came back.

    you can also goto updates and chose to update that app and it will bring it back. i know it stores all the apps i did not like and deleted there so i can pull them back up.

    not that i would want to but i have the option
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    did any of your free apps comeback?
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    ya most of em came back i got pandora, flixster and accuweather....but no timepiece the one i actually paid for but im about to try a few more things, but i will gladly take any more suggestions.
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    Also check in the shopping bag in the app catalog to see if the application is listed there.
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    Thank me if I helped you.
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    blv it or not i did the battery pull after the emergency migrater and it came all is well thanks everyone

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