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    I got a message to update to 1.3.5 yesterday and forgot to remove my patches. So afterward it didn't seem like there was a problem and then preware stopped working. So I unstalled preware and for some reason I uninstalled luna restart. After downloading preware again though, luna restart is no longer in there to download. Am I missing something? Please help.
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    I removed all the patches I had installed before 1.3.5 update. After the update I tried to install them again and NONE of them would do it. I tried many things but what did the trick was using webOS QI > Tools > Device Management. I removed all of the "User-Installed Content (Applications/Patches)" just to be on the safe side, reset my phone and I was able to start patching my phone with no problem. You might just need to remove LUNA Manager from the App list.

    Good luck!

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