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    Hi all,

    Posted this question in the homebrew forum a few months ago and got no response. I know things have changed since then, and since this forum gets many more looks, thought I'd try it again here:

    Does anyone know of a MySQL database admin client for WebOS; offical app or homebrew? I'm not looking to run complex queries, just simple monitoring, and basic create/delete/edit of individual records.

    It would be AWESOME if someone had something like this...

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    I've done a bit of research for you
    PRE doesn't uses MySQL, it uses SQLite! And as far as I read, you can use Firefox's extension (sqlite-manager - Project Hosting on Google Code).
    And here is a program that should also help you Download SQLite Maestro files
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    Why not set up phpMyAdmin on the server?
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    phpMyAdmin is running on the server. Lookups and edits CAN be done that way, but it's so cumbersome I usually just wait till I can get to my laptop and use SQLMaestro. Hell, I don't even like using PHPMyAdmin on a real computer! ;-)

    HTV, I think you have the wrong idea about what I'm looking for. My fault of course, I didn't completely explain it: I'm not looking for this for any kind of developing for the Pre. I'm looking to manage MySQL databases that already exist and drive a couple sites I admin.


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