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    Hi all,

    As we all celebrate the new year and the update that was 1.3.5, I have a few questions for those who have been tirelessly playing with their Pres/Pixis to see just what the new update has brought. As with all of the updates thus far, I've always had three (3) main concerns/wishes, and I was wondering if they've been addressed on some level. They are as follows:

    1. Signal issues - I know this may be more hardware than software. I also know that this obviously has a lot to do with Sprint's coverage in a particular city, area, region, etc. Nonetheless, I've always hoped that each update would bring something in the way of improvement in this area. Has anyone, especially those who have had very poor signal quality with the Pre (in particular), noticed any difference in this area, for better or worse?

    2. Phone app - I have read about (and even experienced on a limited basis) the laggy phone app. I've read the many threads discussing how the lag causes users to miss phone calls, made them unable to hang up calls, etc. Again, has there been any noticeable difference with the new update, for better or worse?

    3. Battery drainage - Well, I guess there is no real need to answer this one, as there are many threads already dedicated to it on page one (1) of the forum. From what I can glean, the results seem to be all over the place. Some people are reporting tremendous improvements, while others are reporting the complete opposite.

    I love what the Pre can do as a smartphone, but I've always felt and will always feel that it, and every single other smartphone on the market, needs to adequately function as a phone FIRST. Can I make and sustain calls when I need to? Let's face it, most of us use our cell phones the primary mode of communication nowadays; therefore, they need to be reliable . . . as reliable as landlines. In fact, I can only think of a few of my friends/contacts that have landlines. I need to know that I will be able to answer an important phone call and be able to stay on the line with said call if need be . . . without worrying about losing my signal if I move too far to the left . . . I guess the battery issue would be a non-issue if I got an extended or backup battery. Anyway, I was just wondering about these things. Any and all input will be appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

    Disclaimer: I know some of this has been talked about in other threads, but I only found threads dedicated to #3. Also, this is in no way, shape, or form meant to be or follow any of the typical "Pre bashing" threads. I am simply hoping that those with more experience will chime in and share with me what they've noticed with the newest update. Any and all information/theories/suggestions/opinions will be much appreciated.
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    1 & 3: These go hand-in-hand. Supposedly the 1.3.5 update "improves battery life in low-signal environments". What this actually means (from my observations) is that the roaming threshold has been greatly lowered. I think I've only seen the R on my Pre twice before the update; now I see it multiple times a day. This does seem like it would improve battery life, but time will tell whether it actually does.

    2: Phone app seems just a hair smoother, but that could just be the placebo effect.
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