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    After upgrading to WebOS 1.3.5, I ended up signing into AIM when I was bored one evening (since I was going to soon recharge my pre anyway). I go to sleep, I wake up, and I forget I am logged onto aim. I go through my causal day (wifi left on, auto connecting to my usual networks and such, 50-60 texts, 25 minutes of talking, 20 minutes browsing app catalog and preware, 30 minutes on the web, and checking my mail every time I get a new email.) My pre came off the charger around 10:30am. it is now 1:22 am the next day, and my battery is at 38%, with 15 hours of usage. I normally got that with webOS 1.3.1 and no AIM at all. Everybody condemned AIM for being a battery killer, but if more people experience what I did, I think that title can be lifted.

    Has anybody else seen similar improvements with AIM?
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    nope. same mediocre battery performance as 1.3.1 here.
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    My Palm Pre's Battery Lasts 3X Longer

    Ever since I upgraded to 1.3.5, the battery life on my Palm Pre phone lasts about three times longer. A continuous and active use of the web now lasts for 8 hours and 20 minutes. Heavy listening to music for hours, including other activities, now lasts about 24 hours. At this rate, using the Palm Pre as a regular phone for primarily making calls should last a few days between charge. Whatever Palm did in 1.3.5 is astonishingly awesome!

    I have owned my Palm Pre phone since June 2009; webOS 1.3.5 is simply awesome!
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    aint seen testers scared since DTV went dual back in 99! c'mon boys lets fig...this all I'm gonna say. Codes? PLEASE! HAHAHAHA
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