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    I experienced this today on my Pre, but it only does it on my old Panasonic Toughbook(about 10 years old), that us running Ubuntu 7.04. On my newer desktop, I have no issues at all. My only thought, would possibly be USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0? That might make a difference in how the phone reacts to it.
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    Palm pre plugs go bad fast. Ive been through 3 plugs.. this happens from wrapping the cord up. it will charge but I had to move the plug around to bring up usb options..? am I the only one who had that problem? Now All my plugs dont even charge now so I just bought BB storm chargers
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    there is a problem if youdont see the little usb icon on the lower right hand corner same happened to me and after hrs of massign with it the stupist thing fixed it I just had to turn my comp off and than on again guess it was the computer all along! lmao stupid technology and stupid people who make it why do they have to be so greety and make things that make us have to buy more of there stupid tecnology buy one problem to get another problem and than buy another prblem to fix another! technology is being corrupted just like the old college scam! education lmao! greed thats all it is but im gona graduate soon and than ima show them! and why did i just go off! pheew i love to release stress that was good :-/ lol
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    I am suddenly having this problem too. I have no patches. Any ideas beyond those in this thread?
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