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    N00b question time. I have a GSM Pre on O2, running on an O2 PAYG SIM card. I managed to get around the profile creation issue, by using my wifes O2 contract SIM, but now I want to get the phone upgraded to the latest webOS, partly to be able to change the APN to PAYG settings, so I can get it to connect to the O2 data network.

    The last time I tried to download something from the app library, the phone had to restart and I got stuck at the profile creation screen, and had to use the contract SIM to create a new profile, as I was running on the previous owners profile at the time.

    Device info reports the software to be 1.1.2, build 10, and doing a manual upgrade, via the upgrade icon results in the phone reporting that no update is available. Since I'm not the original owner, I have no idea how the phone was activated, but I can make and receive calls, so I'm guessing it's activated.

    I've tried updating with the contract SIM and the PAYG SIM in the phone. With and without WiFi. I have reset the phone, powered off and on, but always the same result. Do I just leave it to get the upgrade or flash it some other way?

    I am confused as to why it refuses to acknowledge any upgrade is available.
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    Not sure about the profile issue but read around the forums.

    As for updating,

    1. Makesure your profile is setup and also check your current app catalog and purchase any apps you will need. Most people want Motion Apps Classic (lets u run old PalmOS applications etc) which seems to have dissappered in recent catalogs. Download all the apps you need and back your data up.

    2. Makesure you have latest Java installed
    3. Download and Run WebOS Doctor from Palms O2 section in palm support

    Classic is not neccessary just an app that's handy
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    Ok, so the Apps are a non issue. I don't have any, and I'm not bothered about getting them right now.

    Java is running higher than the 1.5 needed.

    I found the webOS doctor page, @ palm, but it says :

    webOS™ Doctor for Palm® Pre™ (p100ueu) - Build 141.122, webOS 1.3.1

    Errr, is this going to be a problem that I'm on 1.1.2 ? My phone hasn't crashed during an upgrade (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $it$ $just$ $refuses$ $to$ $believe$ $that$ $there$ $is$ $anything$ $better$ $than$ $1$.$1$.$2$.

    I'm thinking that a good hard reset might be in order before I go down this road.... My faith in Palm is starting to wane.

    Any advice would be welcomed.

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