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    whenever i open my preware, it says there is a error..

    can anybody help me out with what to do or anything to get it to work?
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    uninstall it and then reinstall it with quick install, that should fix the issue
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    I've pulled the package manager and preware, re-installeded each pkg mgr then preware and I'm still getting errors. Preware loads (doesn't remember any of the installed apps-patches) appears to have cleared all previously loaded. When I attempt to reload any patches I get error.
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    hey I really need help. Everytime time I try reinstalling preware theough qick install.. It just stays there and does not come on the palm pre please help
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    Reboot? I had an error with Preware when it started up until I powered completely down and restarted
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    I re-downloaded preware and installed it, but there is no luna manager in there when I search for it? what's up with that?

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