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    I installed the new update and removed preware and reinstalled it now when i try to download patches it gives me the ipk error message please help
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    Did you remove your patches prior to updating to 1.3.5? If not, this causes the error when you try to update them. Run the emergency patch removal tool from preware then you should be fine.
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    I removed my theme then my patches i did not have epr on my phone so i removed them one at time could that be the reason
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    Not to detour the OP, but I'm having similar problems that might be related.

    I've run EPR, uninstalled/reinstalled Preware via QI but still have problems with patches.

    When one actually DOES install, it doesn't perform it's task.

    One interesting thing, when browsing Preware for patches, almost every one has a tiny "x" in the lower right-hand corner of the icon. As if it's unavailable to me?

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Did you use the latest version of Quick Install to install preware? (2.96 I believe) Also, did you install the package manager service prior to installing Preware?
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    yes, too.

    I "successfully" installed Email Landscape Mode" patch via Preware and Preware says it's installed, but webOS Quick Install doesn't see the patch installed. Weird.
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    when i restart my phone it gets stuck on the palm screen and wont turn on
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    I think the x's are just bandage logos to indicate they are patches. What is one of the ones you are trying to install that is have no effect? Also, may want to try adding some of the patches using Quick Install. Themes install for me in preware but to not actually take effect. When installing them using Quick Install they worked fine.
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    I had no issue the day it came out, but got a refurbished replacement Pre yesterday and had this issue. The Palm is a sensitive device. Here's my recommendation as I appear to be fine now.

    - Run WebOS Doctor (this means start over, wipe the whole damn thing)
    - Once you have done that, log in sync, etc.
    - Reboot completely taking out the battery
    - Go into Dev Mode (Contra Code and reset as it prompts)
    - Install Preware and Package Manager Service using WebOSQuickInstall and Reset again

    This did the trick for me, I think perhaps we move too fast for the Pre (hehe). We think we're experts and the device hasn't had a chance to breath while we're trying to cram a whole pizza down its throat.

    Good luck!

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