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    I honestly don't care about them changing 20 cents or whatever, sheesh. I just want to get out of over 800$ unneeded service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awrnsmn View Post
    Bunch of whinny brats....its what...... 50 cents. That's a sorry excuse. If you cant afford a very very small increase you shouldn't have a cell phone anyway, and Sprint will still be the cheapest for the service you get....unbelievable
    whinny brats pretty much sums it up prolly another i-phone insurgent id guess.. apple attracts them..
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    The point is, consumer and Sprint both agreed to a set contract. If Sprint decide to change contract terms at any point of the duration of the agreement, they must have the agreement of that said consumer. This time, Sprint decide to charge an extra $0.20 penny, which I would be lying if I said I could not afford it. The point I do not agree to the extra charge but they are going to charge me for it anyway, and it is unacceptable based on principles.
    From a consumer point of view, lets say a consumer wants to change his contract terms too. I am damn sure that Sprint will not agree, even if I wanted to pay $0.20 less each month. The only thing the consumer can do is cancel his contract with Sprint and pay ETF.
    So why isn't Sprint paying ETF for the consumer? A better question is, why isn't Sprint eating up the regulatory fee for existing customers whom are still in contract?
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