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    Is there a way to set Ringtone A for emails and Ringtone B for text messages?
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    Sms contact patch should work
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    No patch required for this. This capability was added in webOS 1.3.1.

    1. Open Messaging.
    2. Go to the Messaging menu and choose Preferences & Accounts.
    3. Under Sound, choose Ringtone.
    4. Then under Ringtone, choose the sound you want for Messaging.
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    If I follow the steps above, emails would still have the same ringtone I picked for general notifications like when I plug in the charger or end a call, right? Ideally, I would like a separate ringtone for emails, a separate one for text messages and a separate one for all other notifications. I hope I am making sense.
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    I don't think that it's possible to change the tone for emails. Unless there is a patch for that. You can only turn the notifications on or off for email.
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    i too would be interested in a way to do this in the future. i got used to that feature with my BB curve.
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