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    ok folks...i'm ready to update...or am I? I can't be 100% sure, so...i turn to the masses! I still have a couple of the patches that i cant remove. One is the "default to month view". when I tap remove, it prompts me to execute script, i tap ok than an error message.-ERROR REMOVING:SEE IPKG LOG- what is this and if i upgrade without removing it will it be an issue.

    Second. I have 3 linux applications (how they got on my phone I don't know)
    "GNU Patch"
    when tap to remove them, it tells me that they are linked to the previous patch-"default to month view" and won't allow me to remove them. will this be an issue? Last, I thought that the ERP would run and then remove itself...when i tap on it the only option is to remove it.

    I just have to face it...I'm lost and need the Pre Gods to smile on me. So, if anyone could help they would be highly appreciated!!! Thanx
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    I would just suggest running the WebOSDoctor and be done with it. That is, of course, if you are okay with losing your text messages and some settings.
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    It most likely will be an issue. If you are using Preware to remove them, try using WebOS quick install to add the patches again and then use it to remove them
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    Try the EPR to try to resolve the installed patches. Then the EMH tool.
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    the ERP does nothing. when i tab just gives me the option to remove it....should it be showing in the launcher somewhere? IF and when i get home I'll try removing the patches using quick install, then we'll see.

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