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    Love the phone, hardware a little so so. But the OS definitley makes up for it.
    However, my screen has completley died. I am still able see that the screen is getting power, the keyboard keys light up, however, i get nothing on the display other than the light power glow. I still recieve calls, and the screen will flicker on occasion but thats about it. I do have insurance with sprint but am curious how sprint handles these types of issues. Will they provide me with a refurb? Will I be with out a phone for a few days?

    Any info is appreciated.

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    Did you try pulling the battery and see if that reset it first?
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    I am a repair tech at a sprint store, and when we get a phone that the screen has stopped working we just order a new one. We are not allowed to take the palm pre apart yet, but we do from time to time just to figure a few things out about it. you can expect to have them order the phone today, and since it is new years tomorrow they won't get the phone until monday. If you have a spare phone you can get that activated for the weekend, and expect for the phone to be in by monday. Just remember your palm profile account info and password, most of the time people forget those things and can't get their info back. Hope this helps you, if you have any more questions just ask me.
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    Thanks much for the replies, I wiggled, jiggled, popped the battery in and out several times with fingers crossed......nada(

    Is there any chance sprint will have a loner phone to activate for me, or will be able to replace the device on the spot? It will be rough getting thru the holiday weekend phone-less =/
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    Try taking the battery out for 10 or 15 minutes then restarting. I know that some on here have said that happened.

    The Sprint Tech above said it may be Monday before you get one but I know my store has loaners...usually the old flip phone where you have to hit teh number 8 3 times for the letter v when texting.

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