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    fundamentally, all those native apps on other platform are linux apps, is it possible to write a application layer like wine? such that the android and iPhone apps can be easily wrapped and work on the webOS?

    Just a thought. since right now hardware accelerated apps is easily possible on webOS.
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    It would be possible--time consuming, but possible--to emulate Android system calls with Java services on the Pre. Basically, unless a company wants to market this as a commercial product, the time required would be too much.

    As for the iPhone... it is BSD-based, which is completely different from Linux architecturally. Also, the apps are written in Objective-C with Cocoa libraries. The former is portable, but the latter is copyrighted by Apple AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Again$, $it$ $would$ $theoretically$ $be$ $possible$, $but$ $the$ $potential$ $legal$ $troubles$ $make$ $it$ $unfit$ $for$ $a$ $commercial$ $app$, $and$ $the$ $task$ $is$ $way$ $too$ $daunting$ $to$ $undertake$ $as$ $homebrew$.

    Of the two, Android is definitely the more likely. However, I doubt we'll see this any time soon.
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