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    I have a few screen issues, if anybody can offer some advice:

    1. My screen recently got scratched, I searched the forum and saw the option of getting a screen protector to both prevent future scratches and cover up the existing ones. I have bought a screen shield but it makes the scratches show up even more. Any suggestions on screen repair/replacement?

    2. The pre sometimes does not respond to browser presses. Eg when looking at this forum at a post and there is more than one page of posts it takes several taps for it to register when trying to select page number in the bottom right. Uk has not yet got update 1.3.5, will this resolve the issue?

    And finally.....

    3. The keyboard is getting harder to pull out and it sounds like there is grit in there. Any solutions on loosening it up or cleaning it?

    As always thanks will be given to all that assist.
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    1. Replacement

    2. Yes

    3. Replacement
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    Thank you. I think.

    Before I try and get a replacement from 02, which I dont think they will for those issues, any further suggestions from anyone?
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    Your other option is to (3) dismantle the phone and give it a good clean. Bear in mind this will void the warranty as will (1) replacing the screen yourself.

    Have you considered taking out insurance? I believe it's roughly 7 a month.
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