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    Hello, I recently updated my pre to webos 1.3.5. I then installed preware for the first time. The apps and themes work, but I cannot install any of the patches.

    The error I receive is "error: cannot satisfy the following dependencies ..etc etc"

    I think it may be that I'm running preware version 0.9.5

    I do not know how to update it as the Package Updates option is grayed out.

    Please help.
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    I don't know worked fine for me. I downloaded the latest WebOS QI and downloaded Package Manager and Preware. Did you download the Package Manager from WebOS QI. That may be your problem.
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    Your running the old version of Preware for 1.3.1. You have to update Preware to 1.3.5
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    Just wondering if you got this figured out.

    I've gone through all the other possible fixes listed in the multiple threads about preware, package manager service, and the 1.3.5 update.

    I reinstalled the PW and PMS and everything is working just fine EXCEPT the patches.

    I am still getting the same IPKG error that is referenced in the first post of this thread.

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    i was having issues after my update, I even did the update to Package Manager and Preware via the Preware (over the air). Still had issues. So I went into WebOS Quick Install, uninstalled these apps: Package Manager, Preware, Diffstat, and GNU , did a restart, then reinstalled them, and I was good to go after that, no more issues.

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