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    After uploading 1.3.5 web os updates my moblyng games won't load properly. Anyone else with this problem?
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    Same here. I get a white screen with very little on the screen. I already made a post, but nobody has been able to help. I'm hoping someone could provide a contact to Moblyng. I alredy sent a pm to Justin Mobyling but have yet to get a response.
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    I emailed Moblyng support yesterday morning at 7:30. At 11:44am I received a reply. This is what they sent me. "We have someone looking at this now and hope to have a solution shortly. Thanks for your patience." It seems to me that Moblyng was not prepared for the latest o.s. update.
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    Hi Everyone, we are waiting for Palm to approve a fix for this. I will let you know when the applications are ready for reinstall.

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