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    Like everyone else, I'm working on optimizing my Pre. For a little bit, I had added Data, GPS and Roaming on/off functions to the top bar drop down menu. In addition, I had installed the Add/Delete page function and 4x5 v3 (did I "say" that right?) as well as Smartreflex 500. I was running with data and GPS off most of the time and still killing my battery by 6pm. Plus the Pre was SLUGG-ish!

    Now, I am running the data, gps and roam only toggle apps (different path to the same thing), Smartreflex 500 and a few other things (i.e. no alarm during calls, different naming convention for camera pics). I am NOT doing the 4x5 layout or the add/delete pages. So far, it seems to be running pretty well.

    Anyone know which of these, or other patches or apps actually slow down performance or eat battery life?

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    Same boat...Yeah I'm curious to know if any of the patches or homebrew apps drain the battery also
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    the 500 patch will slow ur phone down since pre now finally enabled the chip to 600 mhz so it will not improve ur speed. the pre is now much faster after update. so 500mhz just makes it how it was before.
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    the chip still runs at 500. you can go to command line is webOS quick install and type

    cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state

    and it will show you at what speeds it's running. it'll prob show 550 for just a bit (from boot, methinks) and the rest of it at 500.

    in other news: the hide quick launch patch seems to slow things down at times. i guess it's hard work to stash something away that is so meant to be there. too bad, cos i love the look of a clean screen.

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