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    If my settings on the pre is brightness always 0, 75% of the time in a wifi area with max wifi connection, full to half service bars with wifi connection, 50% of the time on sound only no vibrate, and all syncing set on manual i get around a full days worth of continuous usage/ text/pic-mail/internet. but what i would like to know is how much of a change would the battery life be with email syncing on "when emails arrive". i haven't tried it yet. I am hopeing someone that is educated on the battery life of the pre would tell me what i would get. thanks!!
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    I don't see a big difference if any with gmail set to "as they arrive" I do see a big difference with my exchange, this account is large and might be syncing the whole mailbox? I know it takes a long time to sync or even open the email folder with my exchange account in the past.

    Now to fix this i have my work exchange account set to pop "non-exchange" to get the email. This opens a whole new can of worms as if you do this you may need to use a gmail like outbound server to reply to emails if the exchange server wont allow use of their SMTP.
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    ok so i dont use exchange. jsut gmail and a windows live acc. so if i set these two to as they arive. will it affect my battery much?
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    With email set to "as they arrive" and gmail, I can get barely 6 hours out of the stock battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    With email set to "as they arrive" and gmail, I can get barely 6 hours out of the stock battery.
    yeah same here but I ussually get more hours
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    I get about 8 to 10 hours with VERY heavy phone use and gmail as they arrive, I dont use windows live.
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    my windows live acc. never really gets any emails cause thats more of my "junk mailbox" so i just set that to manual. gmail is the only mailbox that i use for my business and friend and family emails.

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