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    I installed Pandora Radio, (or rather tried to install) on my Pre. It showed the download and install and got to the screen that requires a reboot. After the reboot it shows the Pandora Radio with an exclamation point on top of it and says there was a problem installing the application-try again. I have tried again about 4 times and still does the same thing every time. It won't even give me the ability to remove it now. Anyone else had this type of issue?
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    Sounds like something is corrupt. Might need a trip to the 'Doctor'.
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    I'm having the exact same problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakenz View Post
    I'm having the exact same problem.
    Me too...
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    i don't think it's time to doctor yet! if you search around a little that was a pretty common problem for a lot of people; i had it. and, unfortunately i can't remember how it was fixed...sorry. but seriously, search around on here, there is a fix. i don't remember if it was the migration helper (or whatever) or what...

    i'll try to look and get back to you.
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    here's one thread about it. in the beginning a mod links to where you can find other instructions to help. the thread was three pages back already, lol. if you just look for a minute, i'm sure you'll find plenty more!
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    is there a way to have it on a non-usa touchpad?

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