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    I plug it in hit usb drive and it shows usb logo on screen but doesn't show on my pc's "my computer".....ideas?
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    Windows is braindead when it comes to USB and removable device support. The "drive" a removable device is mapped to is fixed by a setting in computer management. Thus, if something else is already mapped to that drive letter it won't work.

    Right click "My computer", go to manage, click on disk management under storage, and select your Pre there. Make sure that drive letter isn't taken up by another device, and change it if necessary.
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    if that doesn't work just reboot your computer then plug it in should recognize it after that
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    In Windows 7 x64 I have to hit F5 (Refresh) a few times before it sees it. It makes the little "Ba-Ba" noise when I plug it in, there is just a delay.

    Not sure if it will fix your problem though. Good luck!

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