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    I have been searching for and not finding an app that would add voice dial.. no luck.
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    I don't think there is one. I know many smart phones don't have that function.
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    There is no such at this time, the APIs for such dont yet exist.

    Gawd this is a top want on webos since launch!
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    Of the past phone that I owned that had voice dial. most of the time it did not work, waste of time.
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    Android 2.0's version of it is pretty nice, actually. The voice functionality on 1.5 is less accurate, but the Samsung Moment has the same voice software on the Instinct, and both of those handsets do voice commands quite well.
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    I honestly do miss it. This is my first smartphone but in all others it worked well enough for my needs. As far as an app my understanding is the current sdk isn't able to produce this type of app so we have to wait for palm or sprint to create it.
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    The only time I used it on my Instinct was when my touchscreen broke and I had no other choice but it did work surprisingly well.
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    My Instinct had it and I loved 'trying' to use it.

    I'd say "call dan mobile 1" and it would go through 3 other things then say no match found try again?
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    Heh yeah I came from WinMo voice command and you had to be in a quiet room just to get that thing to recognize for voice. Though voice stream on my Treo 650 was very good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    Though voice stream on my Treo 650 was very good.
    Yep, I had excellent voice command on my Treo from a cheap 2nd party app. As much as we fondly remember our Treo's it took Palm a fair amount of time to get them right. Here we go again!
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    I just cannot believe there is no voice dial yet, even as an app by a third party. I was just thinking about this, my past 6 phones (HTC Touch Pro, Treo Pro, Treo 800, Moto Q9c, Treo 755P and Treo 650) had this either stock or as a simple add on. I think the 650 goes back before this decade!!

    I like my Pre, but there are times I am convinced Palm just has no idea what they are doing.
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    Boy, every time I pop in my bluetooth headset I just wish I had voice command on the Pre so I wouldn't have to dig into my pockets to get my Pre out as well.

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