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    I reinstalled preware just now and noticed that I cant access the patches section, its grayed out. Is this intentional since the patches are not compatible yet with 1.3.5 or is something else wrong?
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    Haven't seen that. The only patch issue I've encountered is because I had used an old version of WebOSQuickInstall and that led to my Preware not having certain things listed. My theory is that installing PreWare via an old WOQI fetches an older version of PreWare. Yes, that doesn't -sound- right but that's exactly what happened to me.
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    I think this happens when you need to update or reinstall your version of Preware. You could also make sure you have activated the correct feeds to receive patches (under Menu -> Manage Feeds), but I think the first solution should solve your problem.

    Edit: As the above user suggests, make sure your WebOS Quick Install version is up to date before you reinstall Preware.
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    What version of WOSQI is the latest? I have v. 2.9

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