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    I got a new pre because my old one was determined to be defective. (phone would shutoff during boot up and I would need to pull battery, and touch screen was malfunctioning.) I got my phone 5 months ago and sprint was very nice and got me a new pre (or a refurb, whatever it is it's made more solidly than my old pre and doesn't have scratches on it). They even told me some things about CES (just hinted about an untapped graphics card on the pre. hint hint?) and they also were asking me about homebrew and such so they are well aware and even some are using the patches that this community has put forth.

    So that ends my good sprint experience, and now the annoying palm experience. I logged into my palm profile on my new pre and found everything there, my apps and contacts. I noticed however that I was missing a few apps that I had downloaded, primarily the flightview app which I had downloaded for free. And below explores my debate trying to ask if I would be reimbursed for having to redownload an app that I originally had but lost during a phone transfer.

    11:48 AM Brandon Russell: Hi Zane
    11:48 AM Zane: Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Zane. How can I help you today?
    11:48 AM Zane: Hello Brandon.
    11:48 AM Brandon Russell: I got a new pre yesterday after sprint tech support established that my previous pre was defective.
    11:49 AM Brandon Russell: I was able to login to my palm profile and retrieve all my information (my photos were gone but I backed those up on my computer)
    11:49 AM Zane: I understand that after replacing the Palm Pre, all the data was restored except the apps which you had downloaded.
    11:49 AM Brandon Russell: oh yes, not all my apps, just a few of them are missing
    11:49 AM Zane: Thank you for the info.
    11:50 AM Brandon Russell: I wouldn't mind redownloading them all, but particularly the flightview app costs money now but I got it when it was free
    11:50 AM Zane: Well that apps has been a paid app now, you need to purchase it.
    11:52 AM Zane: Is that the only apps missing which you had downloaded for free?
    11:52 AM Brandon Russell: I only noticed two missing so far, the flightview, the switcharoo wallpaper
    11:53 AM Brandon Russell: I only downloaded free apps, but flightview costs money now
    11:53 AM Zane: Did they both were free apps?
    11:53 AM Brandon Russell: both were free when I got them, yes
    11:53 AM Zane: Well it is a paid app now and you need to purchase it.
    11:54 AM Zane: That is the reason you are unable to restore them after signing back to your profile.
    11:55 AM Brandon Russell: I understand that, but is there no way I can get them back without being charged? or can I get reimbursed? since it seems this is just a fault in the palm profile
    11:56 AM Zane: Well as the app was new that is the reason they were not charging initially but now it has become a paid app and you need to purchase inorder to download.
    11:57 AM Brandon Russell: I understand that, but since this is just a problem that occurred during my transfer from my old pre to my new pre and I already got the app, I don't want to pay for it again
    11:59 AM Zane: I understand but it needs to be downloaded from its site from App Catalog and it will be charged.
    12:00 PM Zane: You need to purchase if you want to download the app.
    12:00 PM Brandon Russell: is there no way I can get reimbursed financially for it thuogh?
    12:01 PM Zane: I think you have downloaded it for free, right?
    12:01 PM Brandon Russell: yes
    12:01 PM Brandon Russell: 5 months ago
    12:01 PM Zane: As you had downloaded it for free then how can it be reimbursed you?
    12:02 PM Zane: Financially,
    12:02 PM Brandon Russell: because I had the app, and now I don't have the app. But now for me to get the app back I need to pay the 2.99 when I had it already before and it didn't charge me
    12:03 PM Brandon Russell: This isn't a 2nd palm pre that I bought, my old one broke and they gave me a new one. that's all
    12:04 PM Zane: Yes as you changed the phone, you need to redownloaded it once again.
    12:04 PM Zane: And as it is a Paid app now so you need to purchase it.
    12:04 PM Zane: The Palm Pre is a web OS device which downloads the apps over the air.
    12:05 PM Zane: And as it has become a paid app so you need to once again download it.
    12:05 PM Zane: And now it is being charged.
    12:05 PM Brandon Russell: yes but can I get money back since I need to pay for it now when before I did not have to pay for it?
    12:05 PM Brandon Russell: I will charge for it yes, but is there no way to get money abck for it?
    12:05 PM Brandon Russell: back*
    12:05 PM Zane: No it is not possible.
    12:06 PM Zane: They will charge you.
    12:06 PM Brandon Russell: ok thanks

    Has anyone else been through this scenario? did you just have to pay for the app again? The people at my sprint store were way smarter and spoke with proper english compared to this guy, so I'm willing to try calling them about it. Any input would be great ahnk you!
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    So let me get this straight. You are so cheap that you want Palm to pay you back for app that you downloaded for free because app catalog could not yet charge? Too funny.

    The problem is your new Pre is running a different version of WebOS than your Palm Profile backup is from. If you have not backed up your new Pre yet, all you have to do is update or WebOS DR your new Pre to the same version WebOS as your last Pre. Then do a partial erase. Then sign into your Palm Profile and all your apps (including flight view) will be there.
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    I just checked and my most recent backup was earlier today, and if I'm interpreting this properly then at this point a partial erase and then relogging into the profile will just bring it back to earlier this morning (which won't have flightview). oh well thanks anyway.

    P.S. Why would I pay for something now that I had for free before? I'm not cheap, if I want the app badly then I will pay the money for it; I was merely trying to contact someone and see if this was a common issue that palm/sprint was fixing for people who were dedicated and got this app from early on. I appreciate your help but please don't make comments about my personality

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