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    I screwed up and did not remove all patches before updating to 1.3.5
    And now when I downloaded a new app it failed and cannot be deleted and other app updates are not working..
    Should I wait untill Preware is up and running again or go to Quickinstall.
    If I go to the QI what does anyone recommend I do to fix the problem..
    Can I get into the system to delete all patches and will that cure my problems?
    Or is it better to try a hard restart, which I really do not want to do at this time
    Please helppppppppppp
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    First you need to run the doctor, version 1.3.5 is out now

    2nd webosinternals has since updated preware and its installer so using the wosqi 2.96 to get them should make you ok.
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    Thanks will give it a shot.
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    I failed to update my preware package installer prior to updating my WebOs to v. 1.3.5...after installing, I couldn't get preware to run at all, so, I uninstalled it by pressing the orange button and tapping preware icon. Then I reinstalled preware using the preware installer and reset my device. Now, I can download homebrew apps, but cannot install patches (get Error Installing: See IPK log message) and although my device says that it installs a theme and resets, the theme is not showing up (but shows up in preware as an installed theme)
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    Addiarmader solution worked.
    But I needed to update first through Quickinstall.
    I also needed to do a few tweaks using QI.
    Back to normal for now and nothing was lost but bad patches.

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