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    Is there any way to put application and web shortcuts on the home screen. This real estate seems to be wasted and it gets a bore having to switch screens, click on WEB, then click on facebook shortcut, or a news shortcut. Far too many steps when I just want to open a web page.

    Has anyone found a way to have the home screen i.e. the main screen populated like the iPhone.
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    nop is not possible but there is patch like you are asking for that!!! is the launcher auto pop up!
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    Sorry no idea what you mean?
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    i mean is not possible if you dont hack your phone!
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    Just search forums for Automatically Run Launcher on Startup and you will find the patch he is speaking about.
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    i figured it was easier than that...just buy an iphone.

    I don't WANT every screen i look at to ONLY be apps & games & shortcuts. I LIKE having an actual wallpaper to look at & NOT have to see cluttered screens all the time.

    To me, you're asking for a different device, called an iphone.
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    You can add web page links to launcher but n ot to home screen
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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